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The advantages of a cloud based eQMS over paper based QMS systems

The advent of the internet has made the world a global and digital village where every firm and business is continuously striving to adapt to the new changes in the digital world. The Electronic Quality Management Systems (eQMS) have no doubt gained popularity amongst companies that are now embracing it due to its enormous benefits to the organization, its products, clients, and staffs over the paper-based QMS.

Evolution of Quality Management Systems

The Electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) is a paperless system that offers an organization value for its money; it gives room for automated workflow and helps staff members in a company work efficiently within stipulated time by taking adequate records of all activities in the organization.

In the past, so many businesses believe that quality management system is all about having a set of documents about the firm stored in the library so that staff can make use of them when necessary. This management system makes it difficult for the business to adjust to changes and improve continuously. However, a quality management system that is sitting on a shelf and does not communicate to anyone is not a quality management system.

In the present days, the paper-based quality management system is now seen as being archaic and difficult to maintain because a lot of time is usually wasted in searching for papers and data trapped within the different sections of the organization. Firms that use the paper-based quality management system find it difficult if not impossible to carry out their duties efficiently. This type of management system is seen as a burden to the organization because a lot of time is usually wasted in searching for papers that most employees do not even have an idea of where they are kept.

Why choose an eQMS over a paper-based solution?

A good quality management system must, first of all, define what a business does and what it expects its staff to do. It must be what governs the activities of the organization, monitor work progress, observes how the products and services are being delivered, support change management and also give room for improvement. The best solution to the paper-based Quality management system is for firms to invest in an electronic quality management system. The electronic quality management system is a system that is very easy to maintain, it makes all information available online to be easily audited, and any new changes can be communicated quickly to all members of the staff.

An electronic-based quality management system can easily be analyzed when the organization requires any change; it can also be used to keep a history of commercial and business activities that happened in the firm during its lifetime. The Electronic quality management system is a dynamic management system that adds long-term value to the firm. It provides speed, adds agility, and it is even capable of analyzing the change in the company.

Impact on your business

Electronic quality management systems allow the organization to interact regularly and also deliver the processes, procedures and all instructive materials to every staff member of the organization. Most organizations are already moving information in their paper-based quality management system to documents that can be shared on the intranet or internet. The electronic quality management system also gives room for feedback, improved suggestions and changes in the management system, all this will help the organization and its staff become involved in continual business improvement.
Other benefits of the Electronic quality management system include the following.


  • It saves Cost – Electronic management systems can save money running into millions of dollars per year for a firm. Money that would have been channeled into direct operating costs, employing more hands to manage the paper-based management system and documentation, will be saved.
  • It saves time – It also reduces training time for new employees who can now find all information they need about an organization online. A lot of time that would have been wasted writing and documenting information will be channeled into other productive areas of the firm.
  • Increased profit level – A firm that uses the electronic QMS system is more likely to channel more time into activities that would yield a better profit for the business rather than documenting operations of the firm on a sheet of paper.
  • Improves employee morale and efficiency – One of the most significant advantages of the eQMS is that it creates guidelines for tasks undertaken daily, and enhances productivity. Any organization with an excellent electronic quality management system put in place will run more efficiently. Also, a good eQMS allows specific roles to be assigned to each staff member, thereby making the staff more confident and boosting his or her morale.
  • It helps an organization make an informed decision – Any business that wants to succeed must not make critical decisions based on intuition. It is vital to have laid down procedures to be followed by the firm while making a decision.
  • Gives room for better document control – Electronic quality management systems also help to manage the use, updating and finalizing of information submitted by staff of different departments in the organization. It provides a simple guideline for the use of documents by other staff members and also informs them of what report that is currently in use by other staff.


In conclusion, eQMS cannot be ignored by any firm that wants to improve continuously and also adapt to changes. A company that wants to build a one-time management system must embrace the electronic quality management system rather than the paper-based QMS that would rather sit on a shelve doing nothing. If you are looking for a quality management system that can be customised to meet the need of your organization at a budget-friendly price, then QualityKick offers you the best solution.

It is a cloud-based solution that was built with open-source technology to easily interact with other systems in line with compliance regulations. It also allows you to choose from several modules which include document control, CAPA, events, change control, trainings, etc.

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