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New Service Desk for Better Customer Experience

Providing a great customer service is essential in guaranteeing that our customers use our software easily, efficiently, and that they obtain the results they were hoping for when they decided on QualityKick.

Therefore, we have recently implemented a new Service Desk that offers many improved functionalities compared to our previous system.

With the new Service Desk, we aim to:

  • Provide our clients with better and faster responses to questions on how to use QualityKick.
  • Increase customer self-service through a QualityKick Knowledge Base.
  • Work more efficiently internally so we can speed up resolution of any problems or issues.
  • Grow and improve thanks to the new features suggested by our clients.
  • Make sure we keep clients informed on how their feature requests are progressing.

Easy access to the Service Desk

Our new Service Desk is accessible from within QualityKick through a web widget in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.


2020-08-19 (1)

Support requests can also be sent in through the portal https://support.qualitykick.cloud. As soon as client’s login they will see the submit a request link at the top of the page. In My Activities, to be found in the dropdown menu, they will also be able to follow the status of their tickets.

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When submitting a support request, clients can choose between various ticket forms:

  • Questions
  • Incidents
  • Feature requests
  • Activation of Module(s)

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Building a Knowledge Base for increased Customer Self-Service

The new Service Desk provides us with powerful tools to build a QualityKick Knowledge Base. The goal is for clients to be able to access the Knowledge Base articles directly, from within QualityKick. That way they will be able to get help right when they need it, which will hopefully allow them to work even more successfully with QualityKick!

We are currently working on the articles and hope to be able to launch the Knowledge Base soon. The articles will be divided into 3 categories:

"How-to" articles: step by step articles on how to create and work with all items and functions in QualityKick.

"Troubleshooting" articles: focused on helping clients resolve questions that are more complex and related to the functionality of QualityKick.

"FAQ type" articles: short responses to the simpler standard questions received through our Service Desk

Our intention is that the articles will also serve as training contents for onboarding new users in the use of QualityKick.

Easy activation of additional QualityKick modules through the Service Desk

There are currently nine QualityKick modules and many more to come. At any point in time clients can ask us to activate additional modules in order to try them out.

This can be done through the Activation of Modules Form which only QualityKick users with the Administrator permission role can send in through the portal https://support.qualitykick.cloud.

blogpost_img4 copy4

All our customers have a test environment in which they can try out additional modules, as well as testing new features. Activating Modules in the test environment is without charge.

These are the current QualityKick Modules, through the Service Desk, customers can activate any or all and try them out:

  • Document Control
  • Trainings
  • Events
  • CAPAs
  • Change Control
  • Audits
  • Equipment
  • Competences
  • KPI

We are eager for client feedback and promise to act on it!

Customer feedback is key to improving the service we provide. Once a ticket has been solved, we ask our clients to please take a moment to reply to the satisfaction survey we send out.

We only ask them to indicate if it was:

  • Good, I'm satisfied
  • Bad, I'm unsatisfied

While it is always very nice to receive positive feedback, it is particularly useful for us to know if the service we provided was not as good as expected. We hope our clients will take the time to comment if this should be the case, we will do our best to correct and make up for any negative impression as soon as possible.

Improving QualityKick thanks to Customer Feature Requests

A successful product is one that satisfies the demands of its users. That is why our clients feature requests are so important to us, by listening to the suggestions they send in through the Service Desk we make sure QualityKick is constantly improved and tailored to our client’s needs.

As we have grown as a company the number of feature requests has naturally increased as well. Thanks to this, we are now in a position where we need to reevaluate our workflows in order to address them as efficiently as possible.

Our aim will be to assess feature requests thoroughly, make sure all our clients will benefit from them and plan their implementation carefully so that our team of developers can work as efficiently as possible with all our new product releases.

It is essential that we keep our clients updated on their feature requests. That is why we have made sure clients will easily be able to track the status of their requests through the Service Desk portal. In My Activities they will see the stage their request is at, moreover, if the request is in progress, we will also indicate in which Module version they can expect it.

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Last but not least, we will be updating clients periodically from the Service Desk and once the feature is implemented, we will notify them and only then will we close the ticket.

Thanks to the new tools offered with our new Service Desk we look forward to delivering an even better QualityKick Support to our customers!

Trine Michelsen

Customer Success Manager

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