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Launch of the QualityKick Knowledge Base


We are very happy to announce the launch of the QualityKick Knowledge Base. Over the past months we have been working intensively on creating the contents for the Knowledge Base. The inspiration to the articles has come from all the questions we have received from our customers through the service desk, online trainings, demos, meetings, etc.

Thanks to all their input we have been able to come up with a variety of articles which can be grouped into:

  • "How to" Articles: with step by step indications on how to create and work with all items and functions of QualityKick.
  • "Troubleshooting" articles: focused on helping clients resolve questions that are more complex and related to the functionality of QualityKick.
  • "FAQ" type articles: short responses to the more, simple standard questions received through service desk.

Committed to Customer Success

Our goal for building a Knowledge Base is simple: providing the right tools for our customers to successfully use QualityKick and obtain everything they have hoped for and if possible, even more.

Thanks to the Knowledge Base our customers will be able to serve themselves to answers and solutions right when they need it, while they are using our software, hence completely eliminating the waiting time that is inevitable when sending in questions to the service desk.

This means they can carry out tasks faster and more effectively because they do not get stuck with any issues or problems while using QualityKick.

90+ articles and more to come

We are launching the Knowledge Base with 90 articles and will in the coming weeks be providing even more.

The articles now cover:

  • Core Module
  • Document Control Module
  • Trainings Module
  • CAPAs Module

Soon we will include articles on Events, Change Control, Equipment, KPIs, Audits and Competences Modules as well.

Knowledge Base articles as replies in Service Desk

If customers do not find the answers they need, they can off course still ask us through the service desk. New articles will be written if we get a question on a subject on which we have not yet created an article.

Our customers will see that the questions they send in through the Service Desk will increasingly be replied by providing links to the Knowledge Base articles.

Our aim is to provide articles as a response to questions whenever we can. Providing answers through articles guarantees that our customers always get a complete standardized reply, with screenshots, step by step indications, important notes to consider, etc.

We will rely on customer feedback to continuously improve the contents of the articles.

As new versions of QualityKick are released we will update the articles accordingly.

Access to the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is now available in our customer portal https://support.qualitykick.cloud/

Only registered users will be able to access. If customers have not yet created a user profile they can do so directly in the portal. It is essential that they sign up with their company email otherwise they will not be given access.

Very soon customers will also be able to access the Knowledge Base Articles
directly in QualityKick through the help button.

Searching for articles in the Knowledge Base

The search field is available throughout the Support portal, customers just need to introduce the subject they need help on in the search field and they will see a list of all the available articles there are in the system that are related to their search.


Contents & design of the articles

Our aim has been to write articles that are as concise as possible, giving just the right amount of information necessary to understand and carry out the task at hand.

All step by step instructions are numbered and accompanied by a screenshot in which the steps are displayed for visual back up.

Many of the articles also include please note blocks highlighted in grey in which we include special aspects to be taken into consideration.


We are really excited about being able to provide our customers with this
new tool and look forward to receiving their feedback!

Trine Michelsen

Customer Success Manager

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