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Filip Heitbrink, CEO at QbD Software

Filip Heitbrink, CEO at QbD Software

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Posts by Filip Heitbrink, CEO at QbD Software

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5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Unified Complaint Management System

By | on 13, Jun 2019 |   QMS complaints CAPA events

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7 Points to Consider to Implement Change in Your Company

By | on 02, May 2019 |   QMS change control

Change is necessary for growth, no matter which sector your company or organization excels in. However, change can also be a trying period in any company if you don't take steps to prepare for it. We'[...]

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The Importance of Employee Training Automation in GxP Environments

By | on 13, Feb 2019 |   QMS automation employee training GxP Pharma

In GMP (Good Manufacturing Pracites), the importance of having a well-trained and reliable workforce cannot be overestimated. In the pharmaceutical industry, where life-saving knowledge and compliance[...]

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Quality Management System Requirements: 9 Key Points to Ask your Software Vendor

By | on 28, Dec 2018 |   QMS Quality Management System

Software and cloud services have evolved to offer more than just a convenient place to store files and make them accessible from anywhere. They now provide far more in the way of collaboration, data a[...]

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A guide to an Enterprise Quality Management Software Selection

By | on 29, Nov 2018 |   QMS Quality Management System quality management software enterperise quality management software

An Enterprise Quality Management System is a software solution that ensures compliance with regulatory guidelines. It supports the cross-distribution of data across the value chain via a communication[...]

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Using SaaS solutions in GxP compliant industries

By | on 13, Nov 2018 |   QMS Quality Management System web-based software cloud-based software SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a web-based service which also goes by the name on-demand Software. It uses the internet to conveniently make software available for direct use to its clients. It provi[...]

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Building complaint response into an efficient quality management system

By | on 16, Oct 2018 |   QMS Quality Management System deviations complaints

Hearing complaints is dreaded by any organization, but it can be a deeper issue for the regulated sector. The truth is that addressing complaints is an opportunity for improvement if they are managed [...]

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How to Implement the Continuous Improvement Cycle in Regulated Sectors

By | on 03, Oct 2018 |   continuous improvement deviations complaints PDCA non-conformance OPDCA

  Even an organization with stellar leadership and a solid core of employees experiences hiccups from time to time. Despite having assembled all the ingredients for a great organizational culture or a[...]