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7 Points to Consider to Implement Change in Your Company


Change is necessary for growth, no matter which sector your company or organization excels in. However, change can also be a trying period in any company if you don't take steps to prepare for it. We've compiled a comprehensive list of things that you should put together and brief your organization on before embarking on any type of changes, and we've explained our reasoning below.

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1. Identify Your Reason for Change

Why do you want to implement change in your organization? This is the first step in the transition process. Maybe you want to offer new services or products. Perhaps you'd like to streamline your operation to make it more convenient for your customers, or you're using older technology and want to transition to newer software and hardware. Whatever the reason, you want to clearly identify it.

2. Take Note of Any Industry Regulations

Regulated industries like pharma, biotech, medical devices, and life sciences require additional research and planning when it comes to organizational change. You have to consider so many more legalities, and you have to take note of any special rules or regulations that govern what you can and can't do. You want to keep these on-hand throughout the transition to ensure that your organization doesn't experience any legal setbacks. 

3. Perform a Risk and Impact Assessment

It's essential that you know the risks and impacts of any type of changes that you want to make in your organization to ensure that your changes are going to improve your processes and extend your organization's relevance and longevity. This assessment can help you start to define which goals are going to work best for your organization, and it can get every level on the same page.

4. Get a Cost Estimate

Once you identify your reason for the organizational change or transition, start searching around to get a cost estimate. This will help you get a clear picture of what your organization can and can't afford, and you'll also learn about alternatives to help you achieve your original goals.

5. Implement Change Control

You want to implement change control to keep your organization on track throughout the transition. Change control can help to ensure that your organization doesn't make a lot of unnecessary changes, that everything gets documented, that you use your resources efficiently, and that you experience no unnatural disruptions in your day-to-day operations. 

6. Take Steps for Quality Assurance

Once you have clear goals, you can start setting up processes to ensure that your organization maintains the same level of quality throughout the transition period. Ideally, you want to improve your organization's quality assurance, but it's more important to monitor it during the transition period and work to keep it up to your standards. This could include setting goals, identify your success factors, implementing electronic signatures for your employees, listening to your customers, and taking steps like additional training or correcting your processes to streamline them.

7. Select Your Quality System or Control Module

The change control module of QualityKick can help you not only to monitor and implement a quality assurance process, but it gives you a powerful tool that can help you maintain it and make small but continuous improvement. QualityKick is the most comprehensive quality control module on the market today, and it has several different change control modules to pick from that allow you to customize your order to suit your organization's needs.

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