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5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Unified Complaint Management System


Companies in regulated sectors are very competitive. They have very high standards to strive for in all areas, including customer service. Changes in customer perceptions and expectations have put more stress on excelling at customer service.

One area where you can continuously improve is in how you handle complaints. Each complaint is an area to fix it and do better. This is why you need a unified complaint management system in place. We'll outline more reasons below.

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1. Increases Efficiency

When you have a disconnected system, managing data is challenging. It can cause response delays for complaints or concerns from customers and staff. This can turn into a lag when it comes to identifying safety issues and noncompliance.

They need to be addressed appropriately to avoid customer frustration, safety issues, and revenue losses. When you address them quickly, your efficiency increases, too. 

2. Prevents Mistakes from Happening Again

A tested and vetted complaint system ensures the proper people investigate the root cause of the complaints. They put effective corrective steps in place to prevent it from happening again.

Failure to resolve product quality issues can lead to recalls and a loss of trust. If this happens, it can take years to fix, and the company's reputation is never the same.

3. Improves Documentation

Having a concrete documentation process is critical in regulated sectors. A unified complaint system does so much more than help handle complaints from customers. It also gives you a thorough documentation paper trail.

Companies can use this paper trail to link supplier quality and corrective actions. They can also periodically use the documentation to re-assess any risks. Without proper documentation, recalls, continued product issues, and overall customer dissatisfaction can occur.

4. Builds Customer Loyalty

Customers like to know that companies hear them and validate their complaints. They're the backbone to your company's success, and it can take years to build up loyalty. If a customer submits a complaint to your unified system, you can quickly work to rectify it.

Customers usually tell other people if they aren't satisfied. Having a system in place can help you save multiple customer relationships.

5. Identifies Gaps in Your Services or Products

You may think that everything is running 100%, but your customer may see gaps. They'll give you the harsh truth about your products or services if they're not satisfied.

You can take these complaints and turn them into productivity. Improve on the areas they complain about to give better products and services. This will help keep you ahead of your competitors too.

How to Prevent Complaints From Happening Moving Forward

The first thing you want to do is correct the immediate complaints. Once you address these, you can move forward.

Your goal is to implement and use a "continuous improvement" workflow throughout your business. This workflow ensures that your quality improvement is an ongoing and systematic process. 

You want to start Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA) throughout your organization. One way to do this is to use QualityKick. QualityKick lays out and simplifies the CAPA implementation process.

This process helps to ensure your company gets a streamlined process that checks for effectiveness at the same time. You'll be able to use the platform to monitor how successful the entire process is through all levels of your organization.

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